Sharon Fujimoto-Johnson  ~ WRITER ~


Cover of Rainbow Over Hell RAINBOW OVER HELL
by Tsuneyuki Mohri
translated by Sharon Fujimoto-Johnson
(Pacific Press, Nampa ID: 2006)

ISBN: 0-8163-2134-5 
ISBN13: 9780816321346

The dramatic true story of Saburo Arakaki's survival of the Battle of Saipan and his subsequent transformation from death row criminal to Christian minister.



Cover of DIMSUM
DIMSUM: Asia's Literary Journal
(Chameleon Press, Autumn 2004)
Includes "When the Bells Toll," a narrative essay by Sharon Fujimoto-Johnson

ISBN-10: 988970613X
ISBN-13: 978-9889706135

"No matter where I am or how old I’ve grown, I am always in need of a little cleansing, a little forgiveness—a hundred and eight times over, at least."